Poetry Anyone?

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Hi all.

I’m new here at Bukisa. When I was in my early 20’s I was somewhat “depressed”. I wrote many many poems about everyday things from birds to death. What I’m going to share with Bukisa is my poetry from back then. I am headed for 40 now and I need to get rid of my past, free my soul. To me, the best way, is to let it fly (so to speak) into our universe and onto your screen. Comment if you’d like, or simply just navigate away.

I’m really ecstatic that I overcame the negativity that only I assumed to be true, as today, I’m a happy person engaging in a fulfilled life!

A poem that was written by a serial killer (cannot remember the name of him) is on the cover of my poetry book and it goes like this:

“Tis I my love sits on your grave and will not let you speak,

For I crave one kiss from your clay cold lips and that is all I seek”

I will soon share my own poems (though none are this hectic), so keep looking if you please.

Take care and enjoy every day to it’s fullest!



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