Best PC Games I Ever Played

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No. 10 

          The Movies

Pretty awesome game to play. Fun for it’s possibility to make your own movie. Some people made videos for their favourite music tracks and put it on the Youtube. It is pretty old game now, but still rocks, and is always fun no matter how old you actually are. Main opposition to this game would be The Sims series, but i consider this to be more fun. Home made movies are cool, and by that I don’t mean on pornografic home mades.

No. 9

        Rise of Nations

The first RTS on this list. Rise of Nations brings epic story of social and military evolution throughout the time. Great geographic discoveries on your PC must be awesome. Also it is not very easy game to win. You have to be very careful on resources because they tend to get depleted easily just when you need them the most. Main opposition to this game in the RTS genre would definitely be Sid Meyer’s Civilisation series or Age of Empires triology.

No. 8

        Pokemon Series

Well who hasn’t played good old Pokemon? I know this is a game for the Nintendo, but I just had to enlist ’em. Pokemon series offer great diversity and many possibilities. This is a game for generations, and I think it should be put in some Gaming Hall of Fame or something. Main Opposition would be The Final Fantasy saga, but c’mon, Pokemon are way more cool.

No. 7

        Warhammer 40k

Warhammer… Warhammer has been a tough choice for me to be honest. It is an amazing game that combines real time strategy and turn based strategy in a best possible way. The campain is a little bit linear, but in this kind of games what can you expect then to bash and destroy everything. In the end everything ISN’T only a tank rush, you have to combine units if you don’t want to lose much of an army. Main opposition would be Shogun: Total War which is definitely better game ( strategy at it’s peak) and LotR: Battle for the Middle-Earth.

No. 6

       The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Ah finally another RPG. Oblivion has the most amazing scenery and setting when it comes to game. Free roaming around biggest world to be presented in games is breath-taking. Also game is pretty fun if you ask me, voice syncronisation is AMAZING with Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean ( Captain JeanLuc Picard of the Star Trek and Boromir of LotR. ) Game offers many different gameplay styles and has two possible endings depending on corruption of the main character. The main opposition would be Fable which is also good but not as nearly hard and fun.

No. 5


Another sandbox action RPG. Prototype is very original very addictive game. We fallow main character Alex Mercer who is an superhuman with amazing powers and abilities. Game is not that hard but the gamestyle is AMAZING. Parkour through NYC, destroy armored vehicles with your fists, fly a hellicopter and much more. Game is a must play for people who like adrenalin 🙂 The main opposition to this game would be GTA series.

No. 4

       Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Game that put my orientation on RPGs. KotOR is probably the best game in Star Wars franchise and to a fan of Star Wars universe it is the best RPG. Ever. But not to me though 🙂 KotOR is all about fun, puzzle and the Force. Many playable characters, excellent story, many weapons and powers, choice between the Dark or the other side… Simply WOW. This game had no opposition 😉

No. 3

       Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Probably the newest game on this list. It is only NFS worth to play since Carbon by my oppinion. Hundreds of cars, 2 playmodes, online multiplayer. BRILLINANT one. I won’t say much about this one, it is great and play it 😀 Only opposition would be FlatOut 2 which is not so much about racing but stunts.

No. 2

       StarCraft 2 & Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I couldn’t choose between these two. Both are great playable games. Starcraft is probably the best RTS there is, and Bad Company 2 is much better than more famous CoD series. Besides in BC 2 you can destroy everything and anything 🙂 Main oppositions: StarCraft – Also Blizzard’s WarCraft.. Bad Company 2 – Since I am soft for CoD, only Modern Warfare 2 could be an alternative


Undisputed No. 1

                           Mass Effect series

The best game EVER. Every action has it’s consequence and it ROCKS. Follow Captain Shepard through his space adventure, save the galaxy and be the hero. Now i am waiting for the last masterpiece of this triology. It is going to rock. But, you may wonder, why this game to be first… Well, answer is simple: this game has depth, it has story and has brilliant setting with amazing graphics and beautiful music. Undisputed No. 1


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