My Daughter is Getting Married on Saturday, But

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Marilyn was awoken in the middle of the night, but the Police.  We are here to inform you that your daughter was killed in a car accident.

Marilyn broke down and fell to her knees.  This isn’t possible.  We just talked to her last night.  Carrie was driving in for her sister’s wedding on Saturday; she is the maid of honor. 

Accepting this as true, Marilyn called all the family, including Sherri to inform them that Carrie had been killed in an accident.

Sherri was just sick and ran over to her mother’s house, trying to decide if she should still get married, on Saturday.

Most of the family gathered at Marilyn’s house, early in the morning, to decide what to do, and make plans.

Carrie and Sherri were Twin Sisters, and very close.  Talked every day, they were each other’s best friend.  This had taken a toll on Sherri, but a lot of money was spent for the wedding money they could not get back.  Deciding to go ahead with the wedding anyways.  Without a maid of honor, was chosen.

In a living room full of tears and hugs, decided to also bury Carrie the same day.  Marilyn and Sherri drove to the funeral home to make plans. These plans had to be made quickly, and without delay.

Arriving back home, Carrie retreats to the childhood bedroom she shared with her sister, opening the door to a past that she would never get back.  She was just going to lie down for a few minutes.  Carries heart pounded, as
she noticed that there was someone else in the room, in her sister’s bed.  Sherri pulled back the blankets to greet her
sister.  Given all that Sherri had gone through this morn, she just couldn’t believe her eyes.

In fact it was Carrie, she came in the middle of the night, her car had been stolen, in a carjacking but manage to get there by taxi.  Carrie had reported her car stolen, and had no idea she was dead. 

Marilyn’s family was taken through the wringer by the police; this moment in time wouldn’t be forgotten.

Why, did the police think it was Carrie? Her driver’s license was in the middle drink holder, with the listed address of Marilyn’s home.  The female body was burnt so badly that they just guessed it was Carrie. 

The Wedding went off without a hitch. The funeral was delayed for a while.



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