Genetic Disorders

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Genetic disorders are those that are DNA oriented and they are caused by abnormal genes or chromosomes. Genetic disorders are also at times triggered by the environment a person is exposed to. Abnormalities in genes happen as a result of mutations or chromosomal addition or subtraction, which is otherwise known as gene variation. Some of the genetic disorders include the single gene disorder, which is otherwise known as the Mendelkian or Monogenic disorder. The other type of genetic disorder is the complex disorder otherwise known as the AKA polygenic which is multi factorial. Mitochondrial disorder and chromosomal abnormalities make up the other genetic disorders. The single gene disorder includes sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and marfans syndrome. This condition is brought about by mutation or alteration of the genes.

Single gene disorder may be got from abnormal genes from one parent of from both parents which conditions are known as autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive respectively. The Multi-factorial genetic disorder or the AKA Polygenic includes conditions such as heart defects, cleft palate, cleft lip, or neural tube defect. This condition may be triggered by the environment and the resulting factor is multiple genes alterations. Chromosomal abnormalities are caused by abnormal changes in the chromosomes. Some of the most popular chromosomal abnormalities include the Turners syndrome and the Downs syndrome. Mitochondrial mutations as the name depicts occur in the mitochondria and they make part of genetic disorders. Genes are passed down the family line and their prevention and treatment encompasses counseling to ensure that they do not repeat themselves.

Genetic counselors have are there to advice couples looking at having children on the risk they stand to transmit to their children. They conduct genetic tests on the couple to rule out genetic disorders that can and cannot be spread to the newborn. A pregnant mother will also undergo these tests to determine if the fetus has the disorder. Some of the most common genetic disorders include cancers, diabetes, asthma, heart diseases among others. It is important for people to learn more about their health history and this will arm them with the knowledge they need about genetic disorders. Some of the preventive measures that people must take include getting regular check ups for the disease that is prominent tint heir family circles.

They must also change their lifestyle by ensuring that they are taking a healthy diet. Regular exercise is also highly recommended as it reduces the risk of genetic disorders. It is essential to keep off from excessive alcohol and tobacco since they can worsen the condition by triggering gene mutations. Getting genetic testing from medics is also a huge step towards getting the right diagnosis and treatment for genetic disorders. People with genetic disorders are given tailor-made medicines to ensure their efficacy as they have a tendency to react differently to different prescriptions. It is important not to keep genetic disorders information private since the information can help family members live lives that are more informed and thus reduce the risk of these conditions.


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