Uses For Extra Wide Baby Gates

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You know the most obvious use for a baby gate it to make sure your baby stays where you feel they are safe once they start crawling and walking around. Babies are exploring the world for the first time, and have no idea what is safe, what is not, and what might hurt them. They just want to see, touch, and experience everything they can. Extra wide baby gates are used to keep them in a safe area and usually keep them from doing dangerous things like falling down the stairs. However, there are other uses for these gates if you still have them after your children are grown.

When it comes to baby, use the extra wide baby gates if you have larger doors and archways in your home. They may not fit the biggest openings, but they are well worth the investment if you have larger openings on things like stairwells. Stairs are a huge problem with babies. They do not understand gravity, or the fact that a tumble down the stairs can do untold damage. They just want to go and see what is down there, or up there, depending on where your stairs are in your home. These gates are made to sprawl across the wider openings that are common in more modern home floor plans.

There are other uses for these extra wide baby gates. You can keep them after your children are grown, or you can go out and get some if you need them. One popular non-traditional way to use these baby gates would be when you have small dogs that you want to keep out of part of your house. You can some times use these for larger dogs, but they can usually jump right over them. However, if you want to keep some order in your home with smaller dogs, these can work really well, and look better than other things people have used for this purpose.

If you have a garden, and a few old, extra wide baby gates lying around, you have a use for these that you may not have thought of before. Some plants need to be up off of the ground to grow and produce vegetables. You can use these as a trellis. If you set them up as you would have in your home, you can have a wide trellis that goes up a few feet. You could also set them up so that they are very tall, but not very wide. This is obviously not something you want to do with gates you wish to use again, but it is a great way to use them up if you have them with no other needs for them in mind.

If you don’t want to use these extra wide baby gates as a trellis, you can still use them in your garden. If you are having trouble with animals that are eating your plants, you can use these wide gates around your garden to see if they will help keep some of the critters out, but only if you have enough to run all the way around your plants. They may not work to keep all types of animals out, but you may find less damage done if you use them as a temporary fencing around your veggies.


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