The Simple Truth About Weight Loss

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If weight loss is so simple, why aren’t more people doing it? If weight loss is so simple, why is there no dearth of weight loss programs, systems, plans and clubs? If weight loss is so simple, where are there entire industries designed to help you, and counteract weight loss recidivism?

That’s the catch, and the answer is unbelievably simple. In truth, the simplicity is probably the reason why more people don’t believe. There are so many people out there who have the answer and don’t realize it. They want to overcomplicate. They know that if they intentionally block the path that they can blame the system if something goes wrong.

systems and plans are built in scapegoats. They provide safety nets for those who need them. That safety net is sometimes a great benefit, though it is not necessary. So, bring on the solutions and the supplements. Bring on the phalanx of trainers and weight loss professionals.

What about those who want the easy way out of their excess pounds and inches? What if there’s no cash in the budget for the gym membership and the latest book full of theories? Everybody has the keys to the castle at their disposal, might as well use them.

Take a few moments, close your eyes and visualize your weight loss. Believe in yourself and start walking. Carry the groceries a few extra steps. The truth, the very simple truth about weight loss is that your path begins and ends with the belief in yourself and that you CAN do it.

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