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Wolfenstein 3D Review

Wolfenstein 3D belongs in the line of the few iconic games that most people remember, who ever played it. An advancement in the FPS-Genre. Lots of sales, but a lot more sharing, since the game was, as were most games in those times(1992), especially published ones by apogee: shareware.

Angry Birds have been selling well, after a plea on a few social networks to help them get a good spot on the app rankings, Apple saw that it was a winner in the making and helped with premium spots on the iPhone: This made Angry birds skyrocketing, selling over 12 million copies for iOS. The other mobile platforms made that Angry Birds has been sold for over 50 million copies. Not bad, for a fun, simple game.

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Ubisoft caves in on DRM

Ubisoft has dropped their recent strict DRM: that’s what Redditors have noticed.

Last year Ubisoft came with a new DRM where users of their games, like Assassin’s Creed, had to have a permanent connection to the internet or the game would be halted.

This has caused a lot of fuss from all points and since people using pirated versions had a better gaming experience than legal buyers of the games. 

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AMD’s Fusion Processors finally introduced

Amd has introduced their Fusion Accelerated Processing Units(APU), together with the offical announcement AMD declared it had a broad support from Hardware and software vendors.

Some of these vendors will showcase the Fusion APU at CES:  Adobe, Codemasters, Corel, Firaxis, Microsoft(Windows),  Sega,…

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