Five Best Resolutions: You Should Impose on Yourself This Year

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Small disciplines in life make us better person and a perfect citizen. All perfect citizens help build a healthy society and a healthy nation. The year 2010 is ending like any other year. But in spite of being it a usual event the excitement of beginning a new year definitely makes us rearrange our thoughts and opinion about how to live it. Although for an hour or a day or for week somehow or the other way we reorient our thoughts to fix some targets or make some resolutions for dos and don’ts at least for this coming year. It’s not very surprising that most of us are vulnerable to bend down before such personal impositions. But out of many resolutions if we are able to stick to even one it may change our life in an unexpected way.

1.      I will be honest to myself:this statement has a serious import. It tells us that even if I lie to others there will be my conscience watching at me. My conscience will remind me that even if I lie it must not harm others. A lie told in good faith is not a lie anymore.

2.      I will not keep my ego at my nose:To have ego is common. Because what we are today is because of hard earned success after defeating others in throat cutting competition. We must not forget that the job which we do or the position which we hold should not be the reason of our ego. The job is for earning and the earning is for our livelihood. Respect from others should be based on our characters instead of our position. If other person is at a lower position he must not be looked down with scorn. And it should never come to our mind that sitting with them or talking or shaking hand with them is insulting.

3.      I will be duty-bound to my job:We should take our job as means to give our bread. We should be dedicated to our duty not under pressure or fear rather there should always be feeling while performing our duty that I am happy to do it because I get bread from its earning. Those who deal with public because of the nature of the job, it is very often found that they easily get irritated while doing the same job every day. Even if some people are really irritating, we must remind us that I have to perform my duty because I am paid for it.

4.      I will keep myself away from any type of addiction:I will not preach here about the smoking or drinking or anything like these. But what in essence is that whatever you do in life never let be your addiction. Even if you consider something good try not make it your addiction because that makes you fall prey of doing it even in odd circumstances and in that you may be victim of utilising improper means. To have drink or smoking occasionally may not be really bad but when the same turns into addiction it becomes serious problem. If I like reading novels, it must not be my addiction because this will then start misbalancing my routine protocol.

5.      I will try my best not to exhibit my reaction:Being human to feel displeasure, anger, or dissatisfaction is natural. Around us we meet and interact with varied kind of people. Sometimes their act or word may not be of our choice. The prudence says never show your reaction. Reacting to others will only complicate the situation instead solving it. Try to get away with what you don’t like but please don’t mess up with it. Reaction is always and always fruitless. Result of reaction is always loss.


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