Tortuguero National Park – Turtle Nest

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Costa Rica is the most beautiful and stunning place you must have ever seen in the world. Many of the visitors visit Costa Rica to explore the following places like the Montezuma. Montezuma Costa Rica is an all time favorite place for the travelers. It is filled with various stunning beauty filled with beaches, rivers and waterfalls. Montezuma Costa Rica is a best destination tourist who is eco-friendly with nature, and also to beach lovers. You can find small beaches with high cliffs. In the thick jungle, small rivers flows down form the natural waterfalls and natural pools. In the thick jungle of Montezuma you can notice there are groups of capuchin monkeys which one can spot easily.

In the small village of Montezuma you can find old wooden houses, artists, restaurants, hotels and bars. On the Sunday morning you can see all small farmers gather to sell various organic food, beautiful handicrafts and variety of clothes. Activities you can do in montezuma costa rica are surfing in the water, scuba diving, fishing, riding on the horse back or doing yoga in the soft sand.

The most famous national park in the Costa Rica is the Tortugureo National Park. The best way to visit the park is by boat where you can see the turtle nest. The Tortuguero National Park was a volcanic island, but now the interior of the park is filled with mountains, marshy islands and more. The turtles are found nesting on this beach. The high rainfall and fresh climate makes the atmosphere so beautiful that majority of the nature lovers are invited. Most of the travelers attract to this park due to the turtles. There are turtle nest found on the beach like Tortugas Verde, species account, chelonian myda. The animals found here are river turtle, southern river otters, crustaceans, and spectacled caiman. More than 50 species are found in fresh water including fish, hawksbill sea turtle, manatee and other species like howler, spiders and capuchin monkey. In bird species including Amazon kingfisher, herons, violet, sabrewings, egrets, green macaw, northern jacanas, sun bitterns and toucans.

There are many beautiful places found in this world. And among all this beautiful places is the Blue Morpho Butterfly. This butterfly is located in the central and south part of America. It is also found rare in some parts of Mexico. It is the most unique butterfly found called blue morpho butterfly. The color of the wings is in blue and when it opens to fly it is about 6 inch span. This wing plays a protective role for them like where to live or fly, or at night can cling under he leaves or branches to protect itself. This blue morpho butterfly grows approximately of 5-6 inches wide.

The diet of the blue morpho butterfly is simple and don’t have to search hard to find the food. The morpho butterfly lies at the bottom line of the food since it does not eat any animal. It basically flies around the nature looking for the food like rotten dead logs, beautiful fresh flowers, green juicy leaves, sap, and flower juice extract. Even if it is butterfly it has to look for the food when enemies are not around. The female butterfly laid eggs after 2 or 3 weeks later after having mate with the male butterfly. She lays her eggs under the leaf and lays sticky glue so that it can remain stick.


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