A Lost Social Security Card Can Cause Sleepless Night

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I was riding on the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland once when I was a teenager and later when I got off the ride I discovered that I had somehow lost my wallet, probably during the ride itself. I looked for it as long as I could but had to give up after a couple of hours. I had to end up going back home to San Francisco, cutting short my vacation because all of my money ($300), my drivers license and my social security card were in that wallet and this was before the days when you could just go up to any ATM and take out cash with your debit card. This was long before the days of identity theft and having a lost social security card was less important than losing my money. I breathed a sigh of relief when some good Samaritan mailed it back to me three weeks later, with the money intact. Good luck getting that to happen in this day and age.

A stolen or lost social security card is much more dangerous and risky in today’s world of identity theft and especially if it is accompanied by your photo I.D. in your wallet. If this happens today then you will probably have money stolen from your credit cards or have your social security card sold off to some illegal immigrant. That is why very few people carry this card around any more. Do you really even need to own a card like that? As long as you have your SSI number, that is all that really counts it seems to me. It is just common sense these days not to carry around too much documentation with your identifying details on it that crooks can use against you if you happen to misplace your wallet or if you get pick pocketed.

Every time you get onto a busy downtown street where people are walking by and jostling you there is the very real danger of having your purse stolen or your pocket picked. These criminals are very sophisticated these days and they know just how to take your belongings without you even noticing them. You may not even notice your purse is gone until you see the cut straps. Picking your pocket or purse is even easier for these hardened criminals and they are getting bolder and bolder each day.

As the economy worsens people get more and more desperate to survive and feed their kids. If a man is out of work for too long and unable to effectively pay the rent, clothe his children, or feed his family, that man could do things he never thought he would be capable of doing. There has to be a breaking point and for many what lays beyond that point is a simple choice of either going hungry and homeless, or stealing in order to survive. Until the situation with the economy shows signs of improving there will continue to be more stolen and lost social security cards, wallets, money, and personal belongings.


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