Cell Phones Perfect For Seniors Of Today

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When people reach their golden years, they usually enter the mark of needing help from time to time. As much as they want to deny it, the fact that seniors are fragile makes their need a very obvious one. Take for example the thousands of elderly people facing death just because they fail to call for help when they happen to be in an emergency situation such as a sudden fall or a pain attack.

The good news for seniors these days is that there are cell phones that are designed to be of help to them in situations like this. Most of the time, these mobile phones are senior-friendly in terms of ease-of-operation, design, and affordability.

The Perfect Cell Phone For Seniors

Though there are a lot of other phones out there, it is still a good idea that seniors are given the right device for them. Even if seniors admit it or not, not all cell phones will work for them. Some cell phones are just so complicated and sophisticated for the simple needs of seniors. Hence, they must be given simple and easy-to-use cell phones with just the right amount of features and services for their utmost advantage.

Moreover, it is more often not practical to get seniors postpaid call and text plans unless they are tech-savvy. In most cases, seniors suffer from paying too much out of what they actually use or using too much of what they are intended to use. With this, it is better to get seniors prepaid cell phones not only for convenience but also for practicality.

Just5 Cell Phone: Targeting Seniors Of Today

Today, seniors are very lucky with the introduction of Just5 cell phone. This is a phone that is at par, if not better, with its popular competitors in the market. In fact, more and more seniors today trust this phone for a lot of reasons. One of them is its senior-friendly design.

The Just5 cell phone is made with big buttons and bright display. With this, seniors will no longer need to put on their glasses just to dial a number or read something on the display. Plus, the phone comes with amplified sound dedicated for seniors with hearing problems. The phone’s sounds are clear and loud that are guaranteed to be heard no matter what the circumstances are.

Just5 Cell Phone: The Perfect Emergency Buddy

The best feature so far of the Just5 cell phone is its personal emergency response system (PERS). This makes the cell phone not only a basic cell phone but a perfect gadget for the safety and protection of seniors.

At the phone’s back is the SOS button, which can activate the phone’s PERS features when pressed. The SOS button will make the phone to contact five preprogrammed numbers in the directory to call for help. While the phone is dialing, it also gives off a loud alarm to catch the attention of nearby people. The alarm feature best serves seniors encountering emergency situations in public places.

Moreover, the phone comes with long lasting battery, which makes Just5 phone an even better emergency buddy. The battery can last 100 minutes of talk time or six days of standby mode. Because of this, seniors can use and rely on this phone longer. Plus, they are given the convenience of not having to charge it every couple of days or so.

The Affordable Prepaid Plan Options From Just5

A lot of people find it hard to believe that the emergency response features of the phone come free of charge. You can take advantage of these features or press the SOS button a couple of times in a month without paying a single cent for it.

If you have this phone, you just have to worry about your call and text expenses. Good thing that Just5 offers no-contract prepaid plan options without any activation fee. You can start with the basic prepaid plan of 100 minutes and 50 text messages every month for only 10 dollars. There is even an unlimited call and text prepaid plan for 40 dollars a month.

No other cell phone can offer seniors and their families a total peace of mind. In fact, seniors can even live independently again granted that they have this phone handy every minute of the day. Thanks to this affordable cell phone for seniors, communication and emergency needs of seniors are answered these days already.


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