First And Last Day of a Civil War

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©Robert C Burnham

Addison and Pepperdon were miles apart it seems

Although each man was only a few meters

from the other man’s seams

Pepperdon looked down from his mount

And saw a soldier standing there

He saw curiosity and respect but he didn’t see no fear

“How are you lad this fine morn and do you want to fight?”

“Dandy, sir, I am, thank you.  And yes you are so right!”

“”Your musket’s shiny and oh so new have you fired a shot before?”

“Just from hunting some coons back home but never in a war”

“Pray tell, my brave and deadly gent will your aim be straight and true,

Even when it appears that it’s your brother coming after you”

“Won’t I know from the color sir, don’t they all wear gray?  Aren’t they all hordes from Hell

like all the generals say”

Pepperdon scratched his mount and pondered the question posed.

“That is what they told me son, even now I do suppose”

“I feel it sir, I know we’re right – God is on our side”

How many soldiers, Pepperdon thought, thought that on their last ride?

Addison looked up at Pepperdon as daybreak hit his eyes

“Today I will be a hero and them Johnny Rebs will die”

“Go to it son, you’ll get your chance, Rebel blood will flow today”

As the enemy yelled, Addison stood and watched Pepperdon ride away.

“It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it.”

 –Robert E. Lee, after the Battle of Fredericksburg


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