God Said

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      Well i know if you are a christian you would not be true to your god if you dont beleave in others religions as real for in the christian bible it say’s god cam down in many forms to the people thare for i think this would mean all religions are accuret and he had come down in differnt forms to differnt lands as he felt thoes peple would respond differntly with differnt colters thair for he had to make himself differntly for everybody and if you are one of those people who say god is not real well you may want to reconsider. you prodly think that if he were real why dont he just prove it to us send us a sight or proof. well he said whoever shell beleveth in me him shell have an everlasting live well it wouldnt be you beleaving on your own rcognence if he probved to you  he was real, for he wouldnt need your faith or beleving in him this is his test to man kind to see if we can still beleve in him, with no dout in your minds, and even with proof of him or her not exsisting will you still hold your faith in whatever god you believe in. i thank we should all stick to what ever religion we were brought up and you will get what you believe in…


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