Do You Have to Publish Regularly to Maintain The Google Rating of a Site?

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I have been writing here on Bukisa for about a year now, and I was updating my profile just about every day with a new article or two. I think half the reason why I had lots of articles on the first page of Google searches was that I published regularly, and that seemed to maintain my Google rating.

Since Bukisa switched their payment method, many people left the site, stopped publishing, and I myself didn’t do anything for a while. I have Chitika ads on my articles now, and while I am not happy with the change, at least I know that I will continue to get paid something, so I have to continue to publish articles to maintain my Google rating.

My most successful article on Bukisa was: What are the most googled words on Google? It was on the first page of Google searches around the world, but when I did the search on the title today, it was only fourth on the page, meaning it has dropped dramatically, because that position probably means it is no longer on the first page of a search on the other side of the world.

What was first on the first page? My new article on Factoidz which is: What are the most searched words on Google? It was first on the first page, even for a search with a different word in it, where my previous article was a worldwide success. This means that either I haven’t been publishing regularly enough, or the whole site Bukisa hasn’t been publishing regularly enough.

If you don’t publish regularly, you lose quite a bit of your Google rating, but still, there are many other factors that Google looks at like keyword content, back links, etc, so it is only one piece of the puzzle. Nevertheless, I will have to continue to write here, just to maintain some level of the success that I had built up here before the change. Given that I have other sites to maintain as well, I may not be as active as I used to be in swapping comments. I apologize.


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