The Main Differences Between 2G And 3G Networks

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Speed and clarity

Calls on 3G networks tend to be clearer and more reliable due to the higher speeds and capacities.  This also means overloading the network will be harder, a great thing during widespread disasters such as earthquakes.  You won’t notice much difference when texting, however you can often send texts with unlimited characters, unlike a lot of 2G networks where there is a character limit.  And, due to the higher capacities, calling and texting plans can become cheaper OR offer more data for the same price.


Unfortunately 3G networks usually don’t out-do 2G networks in terms of coverage.  In fact, many service providers keep their 2G networks in addition to their 3G networks for fall back reasons.  if a customer roams outside the 3G network but are still in 2G coverage the customer is automatically switched to the 2G network.  When falling back on a 2G network customers probably won’t be able to access the internet (well, not comfortably anyway) however calling and texting are still available.  

Internet on mobile phones

The main difference between 2G and 3G networks:  Faster, cheaper mobile internet with bigger data allowances!  The great mobile internet on 3G networks is the sole reason I switched.  Back on the 2G network I steered clear of the whole mobile internet service because it was slow, limited and didn’t have any affordable plans.  However on the 3G network I’m now using, I can do all my basic internet tasks everyday for only $6 a month.  I can’t even use it all up unless I watch HD YouTube videos!

3G internet on computers

Since 3G networks have come about USB sticks that you plug into your laptop have become quite popular.  They allow you to access the internet on your laptop via the 3G network.  The USB stick costs about $100 and contains a SIM card and a cellphone receiver.  Even though the 3G network is slower than home broadband, the ability to use it relatively cheaply wherever there is 3G coverage is quite amazing! 


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