Developing a Massive Internet Email List to Earn Massive Online Income Streams

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Successful business owners know that the really big bucks are made through repeat clients. Repeat clients are additional revenues earned from a previous client. Front end sales are the primary sales or “first time buyers,” and they are achieved by marketing, generating leads, and turning those leads into paying customers. Front end sales usually come at a cost, generally from buying web site traffic, leads, or advertising space. But if more sales are made to the same customer, no more advertising money is spend, and therefore the profits are higher. As you continue to gain new customers and develop return clients, your business and earnings will skyrocket.

And this is where the contact list comes in to action. Unless you have a way of keeping communication with your customers, you have no way to generating back end sales. But what if every one of your customers left you an email address? Then you could continue promoting to them for long term sales and high profits. And what if you are not even in business, couldn’t you build a list and use it to earn money? Of course, which is exactly how many internet marketers make fortunes on the net. Some are known for earning $100K, even millions, by sending out a single email to a huge mailing list.

All you need to begin building an email mailing list is a website or webpage and an email account. As people visit your page you can have them submit their email addresses to you. This usually works best when you have something of value that you can give them free, or a good deal that you can give away. Give them a reason to give you their email address. The simplest way is to have them sign up for a free newsletter, which of course will be a powerful marketing tool for you.

Once you have began developing a email marketing list, hopefully building on autopilot using your website or web page, you can begin using it to earn an ever growing income. And because you can earn cash over and over again without any real effort on your part, this is auto-pilot income, the best kind of money you can earn. The most laborious parts are creating your website or web page and getting traffic to it. After than it is all about the profits that you will be able to earn from your ever growing mailing list.


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