Ocean Thirteen (Boy I SO Wanted TO BE IN That Movie!)

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21st note on Money Camp Friday, June 15, 2007 8:08:20 AM


 Sophialaurenea Destine


Oprah Winfrey

Dear Ms. Winfrey,

Gotta! You thought I forgot to email you. No. You see Ms. Winfrey; Ms. Donati had to sleep early in order to catch a flight out. Her son will be graduating tomorrow. Her Apple computer makes too much noise when I turn it on.
Money Camp   that suppose to mean money camp: I was contemplating giving you an email full of symbols. I thought that would be so hilarious. Yet! I will behave myself, and since  the fact your staff and you are over worked. You probable have more important emails to read.

Nevertheless, I am using my rights to be a bit selfish. Money Camp is extraordinary crucial to me. Despite my optimistic attitude; I must be authentic! Just among (your staff, you and me): I am not going to make it until November. My hands and feet are itching to exit Santa Barbara.
I am taking a page out of your fiancee philosophy, “Hold on fast to the Lord!” Now, I have been attempting to find employment in Santa Barbara since April. I am still unemployed. I got my permit to drive; nevertheless, I need money for classes to get my driver license . I give a whole new meaning to the saying, “Catch 22!”

To make matters worst; last June, (when I got to Santa Barbara) I promise my favorite English teacher in the whole wide world that I would take her out to dinner. I propose the same deal to my old boss from Raleigh Studio. Because I am a total idiot; I naively dream my first book would be so successful: Which would allow me to treat Dr. Mary Borell (use to teach at LA Trade Tech Community College) and Ms. Debbie (security boss) to  dinner.

Go ahead, laugh. The joke continues. I foolishly imagine I could afford to live in Santa Barbara too! HAH! It is a nightmare I am dealing with. I am finding myself wishing I was the obese woman in “OCEAN 13” who won the jackpot. It would not make me happy because in all this difficulty; I am already happy. I just need money for college, driver license, house, car etc.

All I want to do; is to be creative. Two days ago, I discover someone disrespect the father who raise me (Ivan A. Destine). Well, Ms.Winfrey, I responded with a poem I wrote. Boy! I wish you could read it. I am proud of myself. My mothers (the one that raise me-Jacqueline Marie Racster Destine; and my biological mom) always said the pen is mighty than the sword.
Now, before you get the wrong idea; I am not asking you for money, college tuition, car, house or to be on your show. I am only requesting for Ms. Donati to be on your show. I am a female of honor plus I usually keep my word.

I always save the last for the best. Since I will never see you in person; I implore you to do me a favor. Do not! Get the wrong idea; I do not wish you to hirer me: It’s more personal. Please, do not be angry. Could you please, pass along a deep appreciation from me to  Mr. Stedman Graham . Your fiancee gave me a new way to replenish my faith in the Jesus Christ. Ms. Winfrey,  it came real handy when I called Crime Stoppers.


 At least I made your day; by not  using symbols for the entire email.


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