Leaving Las Vegas

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Re: Big Show TV Idea: I am leaving TODAY!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 9:49:54 AM


Sophialaurenea Destine


Ms. Banks

— On Wed, 10/29/08, Sophialaurenea Destine

From: Sophialaurenea Destine
To: Tyra Banks 

Subject: Big Show TV Idea: I am leaving TODAY!!!!
Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 9:44 AM

Dear Ms. Banks, 

First, I tempted to tell you about the net clipping of your show. I was concern. I gave my cell number for I could know if you like my idea. Your email address rejected my email yesterday: So, I gather we can’t discuss business on this email address. Sorry! Second, I couldn’t watch your show about sisters yesterday (channel 25). It was too painful. This morning I am excited. I feel I am making the right choice in leaving Las Vegas. 

After, you read my poems and short stories: I humbly hope in a very simple basic level; you can see I have potential in creativity. When I write Ms. Banks, I am so blissful and relieved. It’s the best feeling in the world! Writing helps me deal with the ugliness of this world.  My favorite teachers are: Dr. Borell (Mary Borell) of Trade Tech Los Angeles Community College, Kathy my acting teacher (for only two weeks) in New York, and my Math Teacher, Dr. Davar of the same college. When my English teacher, Dr. Borell, said I had writing abilities: I was on cloud 25 billion. Kathy of New York City; said I had the stuff to be an actress. I felt like I went to the moon! Anyway, I know I belong in this industry! I am getting a little annoy with talentedhunter.com. It has nothing to do with them. Life is funny. Today, I am leaving: And now, I have a gig in Las Vegas. Go figure! It’s a question of my health. My health is more important than any pay check. I have to listen to my body. I am nauseated still over this car hitting me and not getting the justice I desire. I can’t stay in Nevada. 



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