American Next Top Model (Tyra Banks Rocks!)

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It’s all about you.Tuesday,

October 28, 2008 1:13:56 PM

Big TV Show Idea:


Sophialaurenea Destine


Tyra Banks

Dear Ms. XXX,  

I just read on the Internet “Net” that your show has jump shark; because  American Next Tope Model cycle 11. They don’t know what there are talking about: Your show is excellent-wonderful-honest. I don’t pick up it is true. I feel your show is stronger than before. I’m brave to ask, “Do you like my idea for your show?” I don’t wish to take advantage of you or your show. Plus, I don’t even want to disrespect your mother. I know she’s much protected of you. You have my email and my cell phone is 805-xxx-xxxx. Let me know, if you like my idea of being on your show: Whether I am on American Next Top Model cycle 13 or not. You have until November 28 th, 2008 (since you are so busy!!!!!) to reply. I will send you some of my short stories. 


(Since keeps declinning my creative writing; I have decided to cease writing on their site. you are stuck with me! I want to add that it is important that ANTM stay on TV. Ms. Banks show is visionary and needs to shake up the Industry of fashion. Plus size & high fashion models CAN SHARE THE RUN WAY!!!)



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