Mama Heartfilled’s 31 Daily Proverbs

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Mama Heartfilled’s 31 Daily Proverbs

  1. The person whose vocabulary regularly consists of foul four letter words is simply showing their ignorance of the judgment of a Higher Intelligence.

  2. An encouraging word will lift the spirit toward heaven, but a disheartening word will sink a soul to the depths of hell. 

  3. We will all account for every unnecessary word, so we best shut our mouths and put our hands over them. 

  4. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but God’s band-aids on our hearts will last an eternity.

  5. Nothing happens by chance, but God’s purpose will reveal itself at just the right time.

  6. Time for humanity flies away like a dove from a tree, but God’s eternity is more like a hen sitting on her eggs waiting for the hatching of time eternal. 

  7. Love is blind, so close your eyes and kiss your own spouse. Otherwise we would have perfect birth control and mankind would have died out long ago. 

  8. I do what I would not do; I do not what I would…Then comes grace!

  9. We all need second chances in our lives, and God is very graceful about giving them.

  10. Nobody knows better than me how far I have to go; but nobody knows better than me how far I’ve come! Nobody knows better than God how far I have to go; but nobody knows better than God how far I’ve come!

  11. Where no children are a house is clean, but joy increases with their laughter.

  12. Where no animals are a place is clean, but there are many benefits to having them.

  13. The worst failure is not to sink in the sea of fear, but to never take a walk on the waves of faith.

  14. Jesus is our Life Savior, so when you’re drowning in your sin, just pray and grab a hold of Him.

  15. We were created in the image of God and God sure wasn’t monkeyin’ around when He made us!

  16. Yahweh God is the great I Am, the Creator of all life. I am but a creature of God, a blink of God’s eye. 

  17. We, as humans, are sinful, but Christ, as God, is graceful.

  18.  To have mercy on others when they don’t deserve it but are repentant is wise, but to not punish others when they deserve it and are not repentant is stupid. 

  19. Forgiveness is the key to life.  With it, you can unlock the door to people’s hearts.

  20. Truth will grow trust. Trust blossoms in the soil of truth.

  21. The proof is in the fruit pies.  Good trees make good fruit and lots of pies and bad trees will have poor fruit and no pies.

  22. If you tend the garden of life well and plant the seeds of faith and do good work, you will have a good harvest in heaven. But if you are lazy and plant poor seed and let the weeds of sin grow, you will have no harvest but that of hell. 

  23. The friends of the poor are true friends and will see them through adversity, but the friends of the rich will abandon them when they loose their riches. 

  24. The poor may loose everything but God and still be rich. The rich may have everything but God and still be poor. 

  25. I can make a mobile home a mansion with God’s help, a little money, and a few good garage sales.

  26. If I believe and I’m right, I go to heaven.  If you don’t believe and you’re wrong, you go to Hell.  Which is the better gamble?

  27. Faith in God’s Word is a sure thing and will never let you down.  Faith in anything else is sheer foolishness and will always let you down. 

  28. My hope is in God’s promises of another world.  God promises me nothing but hope in this world.

  29. Love those who love God.  Hate those who hate God.  But let God be the Judge who condemns them.

  30. Don’t hang around with those who hate God and live in continual sin, but break off your friendship with them.  Restore to friendship those who love God and change their minds and quit their sin.   

  31. Eat right and live right if you want to live a long life serving the Lord and go to Heaven.  Smoke, drink, gamble, and sin sexually if you want to die young, and serve Satan for an eternity. 


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