The Life And Death And Reincarnation of My Imac

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I got the old white Imac a couple of years ago. I opened the box and I was so excited to try it out. I was amazed how little wiring was required and it was pretty much like a plug and play thing. I used it for a couple weeks, and I simply fell in love with apple. My favorite thing off the bat about apple was Ilife. I really couldn’t live without it, because it helped me make some home movies and edit my photos, which basically was what I was obsessed with at the time that I got the computer. Also, I loved how smooth mac’s interface was. I could work extremely quickly and move on to other things in a jiffy, without really breaking a sweat. So when I had my mac, I really did not understand why anybody would have a windows computer. All of my friends envied my mac, and they all wished that they had a quick and awesome computer like I did. I tried to be modest, but hey, the mac was pretty boss, at the time. 

A couple of months go by, and the “amazingness” of the mac kind of worn off on me, but it was probably because I didn’t appreciate the features of the mac. I mean, I still really enjoyed using the mac, and I hated using any kind of windows product while using mac. However, perhaps there may have been some things that were not going right with my computer, but how could anyone say that a mac is starting to fail?

Supposedly, mac does not get viruses like windows does. Because of this, I downloaded a bunch of stuff from the internet that I probably shouldn’t have downloaded. Also, since the mac was so easy to use and manipulate, so I did a little bit of hacking that I really shouldn’t have done. I am not experienced with computers, let alone hacking, so there was a good chanced that I had seriously messed something internal up. 

Before I knew it, three years had gone by, and I still had my mac. However, even though the mac did seem a little bit older than usual, I still thought that it performed like new. However, it actually wasn’t performing like new. I should have noticed that the mac was now going on a downward spiral to it’s death, because my mac was giving me some signs. Nearly a year passes, and my mac finally began to die. 

The first clue that the mac gave that it was dying was that it would not start up. I couldn’t do anything on my computer. However, I thought it was not a big deal so I reinstalled the OS. A couple of weeks pass by, and the computer fails again. Still, I did not put much emphasis on it and rebooted the thing. But then, one time I couldn’t reboot the computer. No matter how many times I would try to install the OS, the installation would get stuck in one place, which I know was not a good thing. Instantly, I knew that the hard drive had finally failed. That’s when I knew that I didn’t like mac as much as I thought I did.

Luckily, I had enough computer knowledge to revive the computer by giving it an external hard drive. However, the external hard drive was weak and would probably crash very soon, which would be a pain in the neck. Because of this, I began to hate macs. I bought my mac for around $1,500, and it was that expensive because I specifically wanted to have a stronger hard drive. However, the computer only lasted me four years before it’s hard drive crashed. Yes, people at mac tell me that four years is normal for a mac’s life, but if this is the case (and I’m not a computer genius so this is just my say on things), I thought that mac was trying to rip people off by building weak hard drives. The computer that my grandparents owned was a windows dell computer that we had bought for a very low price. This computer was still working after 10 years! Yes, it wasn’t working very well, but it was extraordinary how long this computer’s life was, and it could have gone for another 10 years for all I knew. That was when I realized worth in windows computers. They were sturdier, cheaper, and not as complex. I realized that in the past, people made technology to last, which is why old technology still works fine. However, it seems now, big companies like apple create technologies that are doomed to die, so the companies can easily make money. So after my beloved apple crashed on me, I hated apple and everything they made for quite a bit of time.

But I didn’t hate apple for too long, and this is why. I had gotten another computer, a windows lenovo laptop. I used the computer for a while, and I really did not like it. The reason became obvious. I didn’t like the way windows worked. It was very clumsy and slow, and there weren’t very many features my nurtured creative side. In fact, there wasn’t many features that I liked at all. When I returned to my resuscitated macintosh, I almost felt relieved to be back on a mac. It felt so natural how smooth apple’s operating system was, and I just didn’t feel good using windows. I fell in love again with my apple, and I was so glad that it was still alive and that I could use it. My Imac has taught me many things, but still at this very moment, I am totally split between which operating system and computer company is truly the best. Is it apple because of it’s smooth interface and easy to use programs? Or is it windows with it’s sturdiness and long life? I’m actually not sure which way I could go, but for now, I just want to make sure that I enjoy the time with my mac that I have left, because the external hard drive is bound to crash soon. If you have something to say about the Mac vs. Windows subject, comment below.


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