How to be Prolific Without Being Cynical

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The only way to make money with these pay-per-click structured websites is by being prolific: lots of articles, lots of webfriends, lots of comments.  Here is how to be prolific without being cynical.

There are only two ways to be prolific without being cynical when mass production is the goal.  Either write something meaningful that actually matters to the world and that you actually know about, or else just don’t give a shit about anything at all and write nonsense. 

There are at least a dozen websites that pay an individual to write articles for them.  The writer gets paid based on how many views their articles receive and how many external visitors click on ads sponsored on the webpage.  If writers produce more articles, they have a better chance of making more money.  This, of course, leads to loads of crap being written.  An incredible amount of this writing is useless information, most of it repetitive and redundant (ha ha), derived from other websites and common sense.  As soon as the writer hits the minimum words needed to post the article, they bail on editing and organization and instead opt for the immediate publish, and zoom zam zing, another derivative piece of poop is dropped on the overloaded eyes of the internet.

By socializing and connecting and interlocking with the millions of other goombas engaged in the same mindnumbing task, each writer hopes that their webfriends will caste their gaze on this newest dollop of doo-doo so that the number of views for their account will rise rise rise. 

And a rising tide carries all ships, doesn’t it?  So now a writer posts a comment on their webfriend’s newest article, something mundane, like, say, “Great article!” or “Very useful info here!”  The comment doesn’t have to true, just positive in spirit, so that the webfriend feels obliged to return the favor.  Now they both have increased views, some nice comments, and good ratings, too, if they were playing nice.  How can the meaninglessness of all this drivel not make one cynical to the very core? 

Again, I repeat:  write something that matters to the world, something of merit, something that has thought and depth behind it, something organized and useful, that you, the writer, actually have first-hand knowledge about the topic.  Or, just roll your hands back and forth across the keyboard, smack your head on the letters and numbers and symbols, press “publish” and give the world wide web another piece of shit.


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