Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Bar Review

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There are many protein bars on the market and many of them may live up to their stated claims and some don’t. Optimum Nutrition Complete Protein Diet Bar just might be one of those protein bars that lives up to it’s claims. As you continue on reading you will get the full details on what this product is really about.

So here’s what this product provides:

  • Ultra-Convenient, Go-Anywhere MINI-MEAL

  • Perfect Snack for Low-Carb and/or High-Protein Diets

  • UNDER 200 CALORIES Per Bar

  • Soft, Delicious, and SUGAR-FREE


  • Gelatin- and Collagen-Free

From the looks of what’s in the Complete Protein Bar, it seems that it fits great as a snack for people who are on the go, and especially for bodybuilders. Also, these bars can act as a meal replacement and as satisfying snack. With the low amount of carbohydrates and high protein these bars, it also seems these protein bars can be a good added food source to any diet.

Another review I also picked on another website, states this about the Complete Protein Diet Bar:

Now you can enjoy the low-carbohydrate goodness you’ve come to expect from Complete Protein Diet shakes, in a convenient bar. The Complete Protein Diet Bar travels easily in a purse or gym bag and is great for low-carbohydrate dieting and in-between meal snacking. Each delicious bar supplies an abundance of quality nutrients and can be used with a number of different low-carbohydrate diet programs or in place of Complete Protein Diet shakes.

If the Complete Protein Diet Bar intrigues, then it might just be worth your time and money.

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