How To Be Able To Keep Your New Years Resolution.

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Some people seem to have a difficult time keeping New Years resolutions.  I have found a very simple way to help us stick with our resolutions until the end.

 First, many resolutions involve things such as losing weight, getting a better job, changing one’s attitude, quitting smoking etc.  All of the above mentioned and many more can be achieved in one simple fashion.

 Essentially one must apply the “mind over matter” theory.  If a person sets his or her mind to something they can achieve the desired result.  Discipline and simple willpower are the keys to many of our everyday issues and temptations.  Actually, the world would be a much better place altogether if a person could control certain impulses and desires or both.

 Things like overeating, smoking etc are all issues and hang-ups that man has created himself.  Therefore, man himself can seek the solution.  There is really nothing difficult about any of this.

 Finally, once you begin to enforce your desire or resolution you will find without doubt that each and every day becomes easier.  The more you do something, the easier and possibly more pleasurable it becomes. 

 My best advice to all is choose your resolutions wisely and keep a positive attitude no matter how hard it may seem at times.  Sacrifices will absolutely build character in the end.  A little character never hurt anyone and it never will.  Good Luck!  


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