Can You Make Money on Mylot

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More and more people are searching the net for opportunities to make money. Many of these people are teenagers. Though, adults have their fair share too. Actually, there are many opportunities for adults and more mature teenagers to make money on the internet. One of these opportunities is entering discussions. Many people ask whether it is possible to make money on websites such as MyLot.

Yes is the definitive answer to that question. It is fairly possible to earn some money on MyLot and similar websites. However, you should remember that it is not a job. While making money on MyLot is entirely possible, making larger sums is pretty much impossible. Days when meaningless discussions and 1-2 word answers were common on MyLot are long gone. Nowadays, the discussions and answers are monitored and you are rewarded according to usefulness and level of your additions. You can earn between 1-5 cents per answer. Well, at least that is what they claim.

So far, I have contributed over 30 submissions. Yet, the payment is far less than 2cents average per submission. That is even despite the fact that contained the best answers I could offer. Most submissions were between 70-200 words long. This makes me wonder whether I actually stand a chance of getting more than 2 cents per submission.

On the other hand, MyLot is addictive and you can write many submissions in an hour. Of course, that is provided that you can think and write fast. I also do not advise you to spell-check your submissions more than once as MyLot will then become unworthy of your time in terms of making money.

Though, you should not expect miracles anyway. So far, some 30 submissions made me only 42cents. It would not be a worthy job even if you could make that in one hour. Yet, it took me about 5 hours to write all those replies.

Apart from reacting on other people’s discussions and creating your own discussion, there are also other opportunities to make money. Using MyLot search and completing tasks can generate you some extra money. MyLot also has its own referral system that enables you to make a bit more money.

To conclude, it is definitely possible to make money on MyLot. This discussion website has good reputation which remains undisturbed even after several years since it was founded. There are several opportunities for making money on this website. Though, you should remember that it is not a job. Rather think of it as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and make some pocket money in the meantime. If you decide to join, you will make me happy by doing so through my referral link –


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