How to Repair a Blown Head Gasket

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  1. Position the vehicle where you can get the hoist in and out on the level. Make sure you drain the fluids

  2. Remove the hood. The hinges bolt to the hood. Mark the hinges with a sharpie or a sharp point scribe around the hinge so you can locate it later

  3. Disconnect the ground cable on the battery

  4. Drain coolant and disconnect hoses

  5. Remove the fan to loosen alternator and remove bolt and radiator.

  6. Disconnect the intake air supply and fuel lines and unbolt and pull aside the power steering pump and air conditioning compressor. Don’t disconnect the hose.

  7. Remove all electric wire connections to the motor

  8. Disconnect the exhaust manifolds and unbolt all visible connections to the transmission.

  9. Jack up the car and place jack stands.

    • Remove exhaust pipe connections and the starter.

    • Unbolt the torque converter from the flex plate and position the jack stands or something able to support the transmission before disconnecting any bolts from the transmission.

    • Loosen transmission connections at the cross and unbolt all the other transmission connections to the motor.

    • Unbolt motor mount connection.

    • Get from under and let the car down

    • Bring the hoist up and connect the chains to the largest bolts and hoist very slow. Adjust leveler to lift front higher.

    • Swing motor free of the car to avoid hitting the car.

    • Put the old motor on the ground.


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