What Are E Cigarettes?

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What are E Cigarettes?
Have you ever seen someone
smoking a cigarette but after
looking clearly, you get to see
that it is not a real cigarette?
What you saw being smoked is e
cigarette. They are the stylish
and fascinating devices that are
battery operated but they are
smoked like the real cigarettes
only that they do not contain
those harmful chemicals
contained in tobacco cigarettes.
These devices are stylish and
discrete, they can even look
like a pen, a bold fashion
statement with fluorescent pink
or corvette red or they can just
look like the real cigarette.

An electronic cigarette, also
known as an e-cigarette or
personal vaporizer, is a
battery-powered device that
provides inhaled doses of
nicotine by way of a vaporized
solution. It is an alternative
to smoked tobacco products, such
as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.
This type of cigarette is also
known as health cigarette
because of its health benefits
when compared with the
traditional tobacco cigarette.
These cigarettes are also known
as water vapor cigarette because
they produce water vapor as

When the smoker smokes it, there
are white puffs coming out of
their nostrils just like the
real tobacco cigarettes smoke
but the good thing about it is
that there is no secondhand
, what you see coming out
is water vapor which is not
harmful as it is odorless. When
the user inhales, you get to see
a colored light glowing at the
end of the device and when he
stops to inhale, the device just
stops. E cigarette led have
different color which glows when
inhaled as per the choice of the

E cigarettes are environmental
friendly in that while you are
smoking it, you do not pollute
the environment with either the
smoke or the ashes or cigarette
butt. They do not contain tar,
carbon monoxide or any other
cancer causing chemicals like
the ones that are in tobacco
cigarettes and thus cut down on
the health risk caused by
smoking the tobacco filled
cigarettes. They are also
designed to produce flavored
vapors that help the smoker to
be stimulated and to feel the
sensation of a real cigarette.

E cigarette contains nicotine
which is the only chemical in it
and one is able to monitor his
intake as the nicotine patches
that are used with it have
different levels. One can even
be smoking no nicotine as there
are pouches that have no
nicotine but you will only be
smoking flavor as there are
different flavors to choose
from. Do you also know that you
can choose the flavor you want
to be smoking? E cigarette comes
with different types of flavors
and all the smoker does is to
put a few drops in the cartridge
and he is able to enjoy his
flavor. The flavor ranges from
tobacco ones, fruits and even
candy ones.

Considering that they are
battery operated, the smoker
does not need to use lighters or
matches and this reduces the
risk of unnecessary fire caused
by lighting matches or
cigarettes that are dropped


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