How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google : Using Google Search

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How To Check Keyword Ranking In Google : Using Google Search
To get traffic to your site, it
is acknowledged that search
engine optimization
remains about the most enduring
and ultimately cheapest means of
achieving this. Search engine
primarily consists
of two components : on-page and
off-page optimization. Arguably,
off-page optimization
constitutes about 70% of SEO and
this primarily consists of all
actions you take to generate
backlinks pointing to your

It is natural that you will want
to measure the result of your
actions in this direction to
determine to what extent you are
achieving your objective of
getting backlinks pointed at
your various site pages/keywords.

How do you do this? By learning
how to check keyword ranking in
the search engines.

Of course, by far the most
significant search engine
accounting for about 70% of
total search engines traffic
which itself accounts for about
60% of the average website’s
traffic, is Google. It therefore
should be no surprise that the
concentration in this article is
on how to check keyword ranking
in Google.

To check keyword ranking in
Google by automation, there are
a number of softwares developed
by various programmers but each
with its own defect.

– Some for example are not real
time such that you discover that
your keyword ranking as
indicated by these software
tools differ to some extent from
your actual rankings when you
eventually see this on the
search engine result

– Some tools literally “go dead”
or have been “dead” for sometime
when you try to access them to
check keyword ranking.

– Some of these software tools
are actually occasionally or
permanently “blocked” by Google
from accessing its data.

– For most of these software
tools, except for the paid
versions which costs into the
100′s of dollars, you are
limited to a specified number of
keywords in trying to check
keyword ranking.

– In some of the FREE versions
of the software tools to check
keyword ranking, you cannot
store/save the information you
generate by using the keyword
ranking tool.

For these and many other reasons
including the enticing fact that
it is FREE, the need to go to
the “horse” itself i.e. Google,
to access this much needed
information, becomes imperative.
One just needs to know how to go
about it.

Now, given the current settings
of Google search, one is limited
to accessing a maximum of 100
search results at a time/per
page of search engine results.
This should not be confused with
the total possible search
results available per
keyword/keyword phrase on google
search which quite often is up
to 1000 results i.e. 10 pages @
100 results per page. All you
now have to do is check about 10
search engine result pages (set
to 100 search results per page)
to have checked the total search
engine results

How do you now check keyword

To check keyword ranking, what
you need to do is

    * Insert your
keyword/keyword phrase in the
google search box of the google
at the top of your
browser and press enter or click

    * At the top of the search
engine result
pages (SERP’s)
which displays and just below
the google search box, you will
see “advanced search”. Click on
this to open up a browser window.

    * You will see the
keyword/keyword phrase you have
inserted stated in the row =>
“all these words”, at the top of
this window, while you will see
a row for “results per page”
somewhere further down. Here you
should insert “100 results” in
place of “10 results” as the
number of results you want shown
per page of search results and
then click on “advanced search”
at the bottom of the window.

    * This will open up a new
browser window showing the 1st
search engine results
page with
100 search results on the page.

    * You should now press and
hold down “Ctrl” on your
keyboard while you then press

    * This will open up a small
toolbar at the bottom of your
computer screen with the
following details:

  1. Find   

2. Next   

3. Previous

4. Highlight

5. Match case

    * Insert your domain name
(without the http or www prefix
into the box, in front of “Find”

    * Click on “next” and if
your keyword is within the 1st
page of 100 search results, then
it will take you to the point
your domain name is highlighted,
shaded in green color. That is
the keyword ranking i.e.
position of your keyword/keyword

    * When you press next, if
your domain name does not
feature on the first page of 100
search results, at the extreme
right of the toolbar that
displayed at the bottom of the
browser window when you pressed
“Ctrl” + “F”, you will see the
following words in quote “Phrase
not found”.

    * Then you have to scroll
down to the bottom of the
browser window to move the
browser window to access the 2nd
search engine results page
(SERP’s) also containing another
set of 100 search engine
, by clicking on

    * You repeat the same
process indicated above to
highlight your keyword ranking
i.e. position of your keyword,
on this page.

    * You continue this process
until you get to the search
engine results page (SERP’s)
where your keyword ranking is

That basically is how to check
keyword ranking, using google


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