Writer Frank Amptmeijer Celebrates The 200 Club

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15 September 2010, London, United Kingdom – Writer Frank Amptmeijer celebrated last Wednesday night his participation in the GWU 200 club.

The 200 club is an initiative of GooG Writers Unlimited and inititive from the GooG Media Group. Honered writers are welcomed to the 100, 200 and 500 club.

One of their latest members was yesterday honored with the plaque for his 200th online article.

Frank Amptmeijer an entrepreneur from the Netherlands who is pursuing a writing career while traveling the globe, has left his corporate life behind, and travels when he works and works when he travels.

Frank said: “I was honored with the plaque, but for me it is only the beginning. I love what I do, and am happy to share my lively experiences with my readers world wide. I look forward to writing my next 200 articles; if I have as much fun as writing the first 200, then life is good.”

Frank Amptmeijer is soon publishing a series of three books for starting and advance online writers, a series dedicated to the many writers world wide who all pursue their dreams, to spread their written words. The books will be available in paperback and as ebooks. The GWU is always welcoming new team members, and are looking forward to their first member to reach the 1000 club.


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