Lcct Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Klia Malaysia

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Kuala LumpurInternational Airport or for short KLIA is the main airport in the close vicinity of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Located nearly 40 kilometers south of the Muddy City the airport serves the Klang Valley and most international travelers travel into this airport.

But recently the airport was extended by a second airport called the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). The main airlines operating from LCCT is Air Asia and Firefly which uses LCCT as their main hub and serve a total of 22nations and 40 destination airports. Air Asia serves as low cost airline and budget airline in the Asian Pacific region

Intercontinental flights are carried out from here too. A few years ago Air Asia introduced Air Asia X their intercontinental department, with their daily flights to London Stansted, perfectly connecting with the major low cost airline in Europe, Ryan Air.

The airport might for the first time traveler look a bit chaotic, signage is not as expected, and distinguished screens with flight information seem to be abscent. However they are available at all entry point, but because of their small size might be missed at first glance. Staff is friendly and helpful, and even security and guards are well instructed to give guidance to any traveler.

The traveler will find lots of shops at LCCT. LCCT has grown over the last few years, and has attracted many local franchises, fast food chains, coffee shops and luxury item outlets, which makes the use of LCCT a pleasure for both the traveler as for the accompanying party.

LCCT, is what it is, a low cost terminal without the luxury of larger international airports. But that the low cost airline business is booming might be clear. LCCT is a beehive from early morning till late at night. LCCT a prefect airport to start any trip and it enabled Air Asia to make their tack line come true; “Now everyone can fly”.


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