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You will come across a number of abbreviations when you go shopping around in the shops or see commercials that is easy to get confused about what you actually require. HDTV is also one of such a term.  HDTV is the short for High Definition Television which actually means that the broadcast of television signals is done at a higher resolution as compared to the traditional formats which are NTSC, PAL or SECAM.

Typically HDTV offers a digital broadcast which means it is done in combination with a cable and satellite or a digital receiver. It is not possible to see HDTV if you have an analogue aerial. You need three things to be view HDTV and they are source, like a satellite HDTV station or a local cable. Next there should be a system to receive the signal such as a cable or satellite service, an antenna and thirdly an HDTV set.

When you buy the set you can pick from an integrated HDTV, which comes with a built in digital tuner, also called the ATSC tuner. In case a station close to you is broadcasting for HDTV, it is possible to link the antenna to an incorporated set and you will be able to view the broadcast in high definition. Another option is to buy an HDTV compatible set, which is known as the HDTV monitor, without a HDTV tuner. Several HDTV sets come with a NTSC tuner, and you will also be able to see analogue TV with it. The quality of picture will be better compared to the old TV, but it can’t become high definition till you connect a HDTV receiver.

When you have bought your HDTV set and had it installed at home, you will require a signal. There are some ways in which you can get the signal and they are mentioned here.

Antenna: Based on how far you are from the stations you want to see you can get a small antenna and if you are far you may require an attic or rooftop antenna. It is possible to purchase an antenna which is particularly designed for digital signals, but you can also use any dependable VHF/UHF antenna.

Cable: A digital cable is not similar to HDTV and you will have to enquire with your provider to know the packages with HDTV stations. It is also possible to use a set-top cable box.

Satellite service: You will have to check with the provider to know the stations that have HDTV signals.


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