Have You Watched A Smoosh Gig?

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After feeling very sick on Friday morning as I was going form Bio lecture, I made a decision to visit the Student Health Center. Here they diagnosed me with bronchitis and a sinus infection and gave me 5 various prescriptions.

I started taking the medicines and was feeling quite happy, and got into my old Jeep and decided to drive down to St. Louis to get away from the horror of parents roaming around the corridors of Cramer Hall when they came for the Parents’ Weekend at Mizzou.

We started out from the town at about 5 o clock and reached St. Louis at about 7. We decide to eat at Bread Co. or Panera and walked back towards the Pageant to watch the performance of Smoosh, Final Fantasy, and the Bloc Party.

It was printed 8 on the ticket and I naturally assumed that to be the time to start but as we reached there we realized that the show had already started and was much into the set. It did not look like something great as there were about 2or 3  girls aged around 12 to 14 years who were from Seattle and were playing the xylophone, synth and drums. It was actually just okay. In fact you can say that it was better than okay. It was just that my admiration for them was being over taken by jealousy as I cannot imagine the excitement of opening for bands such as Mates of State, Pearl Jam, Team, Bloc Party, Cat Power, and The Go! If you are just 12, you just go up all the way. A lot of credit has to be given to them for being there. Asya the one on the keyboard really rocked so hard that she started bleeding over her keyboard and this was almost like gross Final Fantasy.

It was almost 8:30 by the time Smoosh got over their first and made way for Final Fantasy , that is Owen Pallett, who came up to the stage. It is possible that Owen Pallett does not ring a bell for you, but I hope most of you know about Arcade Fire by now. To put it straight Owen is the Arcade Fire violinist and really talented.

He made an excellent impact on the stage, but as I was just beneath and in front at stage, I was not really able to click any of his pictures. Can you imagine an attractive little fellow up on the stage with his violin, singing as the other artists created some of the most spectacular stories in the centre of the stage?


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