Here Are Some Free Tips For Ipod Video Converter

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Wondering what an iPod video converter is…it is a software which helps you convert your computer media files such as avi, mpeg into a format which your iPod supports very quickly. This way you can download, transfer, convert and watch all kind of movies, TV shows and other video files on your iPod. There are a lot of free iPod converters out there and most of them include extra software that will allow you to download video before converting it and playing it in your iPod.

Mentioned here are some tips to consider when you select a free iPod video converter:

  • The video converter software you pick should support more number of video files such as avi, divx, mpeg, mov, wmv etc. You can also find video converters which can also convert popular audio files like wav, ogg, mp3, m4a. You must also look at all the required encoders and decoders in the software.

  • Speed of video conversion is also important as there are some converters which supports many different video formats, but they are very slow and can also freeze at times, making the process very frustrating. There are some video converters which don’t support batch conversion and multithreading which makes video conversion a painful process. You will be able to convert more video files with the batch conversion feature simultaneously.

  • Get a video converter with a friendly user interface which is designed in a manner which will let even a novice to manage all the functions and controls the video converter software. The other fact is that if the company develops a user friendly iPod video converter, there are better chances that the software will work well other than being easy to use.

  • You have to ensure the quality of the media file which is converted. There are some iPod video converters which work very fast but the result you get is quite disappointing. It is possible that the video freezes, screen changes color into green or red, audio stops playing, or there are short video or audio breaks while playing. It is not very uncommon sight in a few video converters. This can also happen if you are not very sure of the conversion process. You need to be careful while adjusting the bit rate and size of the video.

It is best to get the newest version of the firmware when you install any iPod video converter on your iPod to get the beat from the video converter software. You can download the most recent firmware for free from the apple website for your iPod.


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