Totes Isotoner Terry Men's Slippers Are Different

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The brand Totes and Isotoner has become well known and offers an exclusive touch to the products coming under this brand. Some of the products from this brand include umbrellas, slippers, gloves, rubber foot ware, and rainwear. They are manufactured by the Totes Isotoner Corporation who is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In the past many years, I have had the chance to use and own Totes Isotoner gloves, umbrellas and a pair of Terry Men’s Slippers. Today we are going to discuss Terry Men’s Slippers.

As we are aware typically for men, slippers are not much about fashion but the main aim is to offer men a means to keep the feet warm during cold days. If they perform any other function I would consider it a bonus.

You can get Totes’ Terry Men’s Slippers in two colors including brown and light blue. The inside lining is made of flannel and the exterior is done up in terry cloth. The best thing about this foot ware which most men will like is that the slipper sole has been designed to be used s indoors as well as outdoor. This means that if you have to go out and pick up the newspaper lying on your driveway or take out the trash, you will not end up spoiling your slippers. You need to be careful though that you don’t walk continuously on snow or ice or snow.  Other than that the soles have been designed to prevent any dangerous slipping which is often an issue with a number of slippers especially if the soles start wearing out when the top part of the slipper is still good.  

The sizes offered in Terry Men’s Slippers are quite similar to shoe sizes. It is good to get slippers which fit comfortably than to have the ones which keep drooping off the feet when you walk.

After using the Terry Men’s Slippers for six months regularly, you will notice that they show very little wear and tear and it is generally at the inside bottom. There are no signs of the internal stitching becoming loose and the outside shows just a few creases at the top.

Totes Isotoner Terry Men’s Slippers are available at the cost of $20-25 per pair and this is more than many of the other popular brands. Even then it is worth a buy as the wearing out is minimal, it keeps the feet warm, and you can also take the trash out without changing into your shoes. This is one of the best pair of men’s slippers at this price.


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