Nutrition Clubs

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Not a juice bar, not a shake bar but a nutrition club. Nutrition Clubs are a totally new concept and were introduced by one of the largest Direct Sales companies in the world, Herbalife International.

Herbalife International, originally based and headquartered in Los Angeles United States, provides weight management solutions, targeted nutrition and skin care products in nearly 80 markets world wide.

Their weight management programs are based on a protein and energy rich diet, low in carbohydrates and low in fats. The weight management programs change the user’s food habits and ensures a positive result in weight reduction. The Herbalife weight management products are provided to the customer in the form of a nutritious protein shake which is easy to make, delicious and not expensive.

Every customer is helped by a personal coach, to provide product support but also motivational support during the weight loss and maintenance program. Herbalife coaches promise to help reduce the individuals weight and teach them how to keep it off forever. Coaches work one-on-one with new clients.

In 1999 a Herbalife coach and his wife in Mexico City, Enrico Varella, started a new concept which they called Nutrition Club, no longer is a one-on-one session with a client, but is a group based daily health program. People were encouraged to attend the club on a daily bases and were enticed to bring new friends to the club. They duplicated their first clubs many times in Mexico and attached a training program to the system for new club owners to learn in a very practical and hands-on concept.

The Nutrition Club idea is based on four pillars:

  • Result Driven Healthy Nutrition

  • Friendships & Socialization

  • CommunityBuilding

  • Recognition

Users of the club all use the Herbalife products from the first day of attendance, and after a few days results are visible or felt by every individual. Guests to the club share their stories of life, health results and activities and this gets new members to the club motivated to get started on a program too.

Every customer is personally invited and or introduced by either another member or people who work in the club. Most clubs work with a small team of volunteers who help new clients to get started too.

The Nutrition Club concept is so popular that after 10 years of Nutrition Clubs in Mexico, 30.000 of these clubs big and small have opened their welcoming doors. South and North America have followed. Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia are all nations were this concept was introduced and the clubs were able to help thousands of people to reduce weight and or live a healthier active lifestyle.

Nutrition Clubs also take away the element of Direct Sales, the client no longer has the feeling to be in contact with a ever chasing Direct Sales person, but by a friendly helpful coach, this is part of the success of the Nutrition Clubs.

In an interview with the company, their expansion plans reach far and wide. Europe so far has been reluctant to accept the new concept but with a hot and new impulse seems to be coming of the ground now too. Nutrition Clubs lead the way to a healthy active lifestyle and are an attractive franchise concept.


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