How to Give First Aid For a Bleach Burn

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Thus, the reaction that takes place when the skin surface interacts with a bleaching agent would be similar to a burn and therefore the resulting damage is referred to as a chemical burn.

When the skin or the mucosal surface is exposed to a bleaching agent, one of the first things to do would be to remove whatever the excess chemical that is present in the burn site. As the bleaching agent can be in many different forms including in a powdery form, wiping or dusting of the excess should get rid of the existing chemical residue. At the same time, the clothing or other objects that was worn by the victim which has been soaked or contaminated with the chemical should also be removed as fast as possible due to the possibility of further exposure from the residue in these materials.

Following this, the burned area should be exposed to gentle running water for at least 30 minutes in order to wash the surface area to be free of bleach residue and more importantly to provide moisture and a cooler environment for the tissues to withstand the burning effect of the chemical. This would influence the extent of the chemical burn which means the depth to which it might reach from contaminating the surface of the skin. Following stopping the water therapy, if the victim again feels a burning sensation in the region, it may be prudent to try another course of water therapy for several more minutes as to prevent further damage to the skin.

After containing the burn, the area of exposure should be covered with a loosely placed thin piece of sterile gauze or else a clean cloth and pain relievers should be taken in order to give some sort of relief to the victim.

If the burned area is large or if the chemical exposure has affected the patients respiratory passages as in the case of inhalation injuries, immediate medical attention should be sorted and in severe instances, life support measures may have to be taken in order to save the life of the victim.

Therefore, it should be remembered that, handling bleach should be done carefully and in case you feel a burning sensation following handling of such chemicals, they should not be neglected at all.


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