Good People

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So I have been told to write something good and interesting that people want to read, write about what you know.  This is what I now know, and I will admit was very unsure of before. 

People always surprise you.  Sometimes in good ways, and sometimes bad.  I always thought that most people were basically bad.  I have had horrible relationships and experiences in life that had hardened my heart and led me to become a very pessimistic person.  I had a very bad attitude towards life and people for a long time. 

Finally, in the past year I have really had my eyes opened and my outlook on life has changed immensely.  I broke away from a four year long abusive relationship, as well as some negatively influential people in my life.  I have reconnected with my family, which I never really thought would happen to be honest.  It was a long rocky road to get to that point but I made it through.  Then I met the most amazing, sweet, and beautiful man who is now my boyfriend.  He treats me like a princess and I never thought in a million years I would have the fantastic relationships that I do now.

Things were really looking up.  I thought I had finally made it.  Life couldn’t ever be bad again.  I was wrong.

My boyfriend and I were awakened to a horrific phone call not more than a month ago from my brother.  My parents house was, as we spoke, burning down.  I instantly started to panic, tears streaming down my face, asking if everyone was ok.  He assured me everyone was fine.  We rushed over there only to find things even worse than they sounded.  I couldnt take my eyes off from our house.  Although I didn’t live at home anymore, it was just that, home.  This was our childhood, our memories, our life.  I finally found my family and saw the horror in their eyes.  My father devestated, watching everything that he could call his own, that he had earned going up in flames.  My mother, crying, watching the place she had made our home disappearing.  And my brothers, one of which still lived at home watching our childhood dissapear forever.  It was the most horrific scene I’ve ever seen in my life.  As we watched our home burn down, I couldn’t help but thinking, why us?  How could you let this happen, referring to God.  I finally started to think that life wasn’t so awful and that there was some good people out there.  Now I was just watching as at least three different fire departments ran around like a bunch of clowns in a circus, doing absolutely nothing to stop this disaster from happening.  I couldn’t help but to have all of these negative thoughts.  What was going to happen now?  There was nothing any of us could do, except watch helplessly, and cry. 

My grandparents opened there home to my parents and my brother to stay as long as they needed.  We recieved countless donations.  Clothes, money, blessings, you name it.  All of the people in our lives came together and helped us.  My dads friends and some of our family came and helped clean the mess up in two days!  Even the neighbors that my dad fought with constantly about the land and hunting and whatever they fought about, came to offer his help and his sympathies.  He said to my dad that none of that mattered, we were neighbors, and we were family.  That really stuck in my mind that someone could just put aside petty stupid differences and realize whats important.  Everyone got together to put together a benefit on really short notice and raised money.  My dads work really came together to help out in any and every way they could.  Even my work, surprised me, and donated money to my family!  It became a very humbling experience.  I went from thinking why me, why us, to we really are so lucky that we still have each other, and so many amazing people that care about us and are willing to dig in their pockets and hearts for us!  

So what Im trying to say is that no matter how down life gets sometimes there is an upside.  Yes there are a lot of bad people in the world, and bad things that happen.  But there are also a lot of good people in the world, who help us to deal when those bad things do happen.      


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