Now It Is Easier To Teach Young Ones Yoga

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Teaching little ones anything could be a tough job. However, the challenge increases when you’re trying to teach them physically challenging activities like yoga. Yes, it can be a little difficult to get the young ones to do different yoga poses accurately. However, with the following suggestions at aid you ought to manage to pull through.

Don’t be too challenging with them. Have fun and let them have fun. Furthermore, it’s the sure shot trick to teach young bloods anything and everything with interest. As children get bored pretty readily, it is important to keep them engrossed in the activity. So, let them have fun. Tell them stories, crack jokes with them and make silly faces. Simply let yourself loose. If you will love an activity, they will certainly have fun with the same.

To make your yoga class interesting for the children, you can also pick up a theme. Any thing relating to the children would do. For example, you could decide opposites, things that fly, several shapes etc. This concept will certainly work as the children will have their minds engrossed in the activity. These themes would also add a context to the poses that are otherwise bizarre.

Story telling works in case of children. You could narrate a fascinating tale to make yoga appear beneficial and engaging. You can tell stories about imaginative creatures and things such as the aircrafts. Or you could also create a story by telling how a fictional character chose to do yoga to stay fit. Stories make the kids think and you see them more involved. You’ll see not just the physical but the emotional and mental involvement as well.

You can also introduce music in your class while teaching yoga to the young ones. Young ones are often fond of music and thus will respond well to it. A few soothing or calming tunes will be best when you’re teaching meditation postures. If the yoga postures are dynamic then you can select a cheerful music. There are many music CDs available in the market specifically for the children.

Try to add a thrilling element to each yoga pose so that the kids may have fun with it more. For example, you could consider barking when you’re doing the backward dog pose or make a hissing sound while doing the snake pose. The thought is to make the pose as interesting as possible.

Partner poses are also a great way to augment the level of interest. You can build up several partner poses and ensure that you do at least one in every yoga class. They help develop coordination, understanding and social skills that are essential for child development.

Yoga is advantageous for children and it helps in weight loss. It also improves concentration as well as boosts health levels. So, put in little efforts to make your young ones learn yoga in a fun way.


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