Overcoming Childhood Anxiety Without Drugs, Therapy or Hypnosis

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Can anxiety be ruining your child’s ability to have a happy life? Ten percent of children suffer from anxiety if you believe the studies. That’s one out of every ten children who have unnecessary fear of meeting new people, who are paralyzed by news stories that other children can just brush off, who have fewer experiences than their peers will have.

Most parents have tried the obvious solutions for anxiety. Medication is becoming more and more acceptable as an easy fix. But at what cost? The side-effects of most anxiety medications can be worse than the symptoms they are taken to prevent. And what about therapy? Therapy attempts to examine a cause for the anxiety without really understanding the problem, and don’t get me started on the cost. Some parents are trying hypnosis on their children; most dismiss it as hogwash, but even if you believe in it, do you really want a stranger walking around in your child’s subconscious?

If left untreated, anxiety can anxiety can become a greater problem. If untreated into adolescence it can impair their ability to be successful and learn the skills to lead fulfilling lives. But hope abounds! Anxiety isn’t a problem that always needs to be treated like a medical condition. Anxiety is a “mental mistake” that our brains make, and it’s a mistake that can be treated easier in children than adults.

Using a few simple steps at home with resources designed to help children overcome the “mental mistakes” called anxiety, your child can overcome without expensive therapy or harmful medication.


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