To Ensure Your PC Security – The Common Safety Loophole of Network Management in The Smes

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The informatization of SME has a rapid development. According to authoritative research, at least 90% of SMEs have established an internal network. However, the attendant is an issue about security of internal network. While the SME pay inadequate attention to them.

1. Simple password

Some enterprises have their own E-mail server, but in terms of the security, they are really inferior. Especially the E-mail account and the password are over simple. For example, their accounts consist of English name and company suffix. Every staff has a known English name and the password is even unitive! Therefore such management can bring hidden trouble to E-mail.

So, for the password of the account on E-mail system, file server and management system, they should be set more complex or without obvious regularity, otherwise they will be easily decoded by some people with attempt.

2. Network conflit and blocking

Downloading films and games takes up a large number of broadband resources. Now many companies are using fiber access, so the bandwidth is relatively large. This is attractive to those who are fond of films or teleplays on the internet. So, downloading films crazily arouses the slow speed of the internal network.

Tempering with IP address causes conflict of address. For example if a computer loses connection with the server, maybe its IP address has been modified by someone. At this time the whole network immediately sinks into a chaos.

3. Relaxed control of the fence.

Removable disks have become a vital harm to the internal network. It plays an important role in competitions among companies when a staff plays a job-hopping and copies away the important outbound information. In addition, removable disks may carry some viruses which can directly invade the internal network of company and finally creates a huge safety loophole.


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