Rubble Trouble – Destruction Was Never This Much Fun Before

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What is a game if there isn’t some explosive action involved? Rubble Trouble by Nitrome is just that and more! It is an extremely addictive game and has the simplest game strategy. Blow up buildings! The player is part of a team which takes part in demolishing buildings with a host of tools and explosives. With the demolition of each building the player earns cash and after earning a sufficient amount moves on to the next level where there are bigger buildings to destroy. The thrill in destruction is evident from the availability of a large number of cool gadgets that are part of demolition tool armory. These include cannons, helicopters fitted with wrecking balls and missiles.

The primary objective of the game is to accumulate a large amount of cash and progress through the levels. There are some sub challenges involved, such as demolishing buildings using certain tools, alone or without the debris falling in the way of the other players or competitors. The challenges become harder as the player moves to higher levels.

The different levels have tests where the player can utilize certain tools and not others. For example, at one level, only five cannon balls can be used or there is a supply of nitroglycerine at your disposal but no other tools for demolition. This calls for a judicious use of material for the maximum cash to be earned.

The game has its roots entrenched in some laws of physics and calls for a smart use of supplies to get the most of the destructive challenges. It calls for some mastery in using the tools at your hand and soon destroying buildings becomes child play-on screen of course!

It’s incredibly fun and a great game which mounts several challenges, as well as has a great humor sense. The player is bound to be seriously addicted to Rubble trouble and it will have you wanting more!


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