Cheapest Cell Phone Plans

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The major of people these days have a cell phone and many people have a cell phone instead of a land line phone.

Having a cell phone does not have to be expensive.  There are many cell phone providers that offer inexpensive affordable plans while offering a free phone.  If your someone who is not interested with having online access and many extras, you can get a cheap cell phone plan or if you qualify may receive a free cell phone with free monthly minutes.

Safelink Wireless offer people an opportunity to receive a free cell phone with free monthly minutes.  Safelink also offers people to purchase a cheap monthly cell phone plan for those who want more features.  Some of the inexpensive features include, texting, national long distance, 411 directory assistance, voice mail, caller ID and free 911 assistance.  Safelink Wireless has many different package plans so you don’t incur a huge bill each month.  I qualified to receive a free cell phone and also receive sixty free monthly phone service minutes.  I now have one less bill to pay each month and carry my free cell phone with me at all times.  It’s wonderful to have a cell phone on my person in case of an emergency.  Checking out Safelink Wireless is worth the time if you want to save money with your cell phone plan.

Assurance Wireless offer people the opportunity too to receive a free cell phone if you qualify.  Assurance Wireless also has affordable cheap cell phone plans so you can save money with your cell phone bill each month.  Just like Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless has inexpensive features too.  If you happen to qualify for a free phone the free phone comes with 250 free voice minutes added to your cell phone automatically.  You never have to do anything but turn on your phone at the beginning of each month.

If your someone who does not use your cell phone every minute of each day and don’t feel the need to have Internet access, you can either qualify for a free cell phone or purchase a cheap cell phone plan to save yourself money each month.  I did and appreciate having a cell phone on my person without paying a high bill each month.  There are affordable cell phone providers for people who don’t require many extras.  Enjoy the freebie.


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