What You May Not Know About Energy Drinks

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Over the last few years energy drinks like red bull, burn and others have become very popular. These drinks give you a jolt of energy and a lot of people have started using them for this very reason. When you have had a long day and have to go out later in the night, or if you are feeling lazy to do something you can just grab a can of energy drinks and you will feel instantly energized. People of all ages from adults to teenagers are turning to these drinks to get an extra boost before an important task. This may seem like a great idea and you may be tempted to try an one yourself, what you may not know about these drinks is that they can have very serious and harmful side effects. In this article we will find out what the detrimental effects of consuming too many can be.

Energy drinks can contain anything between 160 to 300 mg of caffeine. An average cup of coffee contains 80 mg of caffeine. We all know that having too many cups of coffee can be bad for you. Imagine what having too many drinks has the potential to do to your body. When a person has more than one drink they risk suffering from caffeine intoxication. Caffeine intoxication can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Alcohol is a depressant while drinks are stimulants. Imagine putting your body through the effects of these two opposites at the same time. Mixing alcohol with these drinks can lead to heart failure and is a very dangerous practice. Since these drinks have a high content of caffeine and sugar they give the drinker an instant high. Unfortunately once the sugar and caffeine works its way out of the system there is a crash. This crash has been known to cause seizures.

The effect of caffeine in energy drinks can cause irritability, agitation and can interfere with a persons REM sleep cycle. The problem with these drinks is the lack of awareness. In small quantities these drinks may not be that harmful. Unfortunately people do not know the effects of these drinks and they end up drinking three or four cans at a time. There have been cases where the dependence and consumption of these drinks has led to serious injury and death. In France the energy drink Red Bull was banned because an eighteen year old athlete Ross Cooney died because he played a basketball game after drinking four cans of Red Bull. England has issued a warning that these drinks should not be consumed by children and mothers to be. Advocates are working hard to change the law so that these Drinks will have to mention their caffeine content on the label.

It is important that we create awareness about the effects of energy drinks. They are not as cool to have as their advertisements will lead us to believe. Yes these drinks give you a jolt of energy but you need to ask yourself is the price for the instant energy worth paying.


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