The Goods, Live Hard Sell Hard Film Review

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Don Ready is a salesman who has a team of employees who travel around the country helping failing companies to sell their goods. They get called by Ben Selleck who need help to sell cars over the 4th July weekend in order to save his business.

Don and his team arrive but he soon finds out they are not as welcome as they had hoped. Daughter Ivy does not like Don and his way of life but he is determined to win her over. He now faces the challenge of selling 200 cars in one weekend and trying to win the affections of Ivy, Can Don and his super team win the challenges and save the company and what will become of Don and Ivy?

I knew nothing about this film before watching it a few nights ago. I thought it sounded good and as it was on the comedy channel I thought it would be worth a watch. I was quite surprised by the film and did actually enjoy it. The story was good and quite different from any I had seen before and the acting was also good. I found the comedy element of the film slightly mixed though and at times found it tries too hard to be funny with daft and cringe worthy moments.

The lead role of Don was played by Jeremy Piven and he came across at the start of the film as very obnoxious and full of himself. He did soften during the film and we got to know a bit about his past which did help me to understand the reasons for the way he was and how he behaved. He was a ladies man and this came across in a funny way and I loved the challenge he had with Ivy as he had a few good laughs with this part of the story. There was a good connection between him and his team members and they seemed at ease with each other which made this easier to watch. There was the role of team member Babs who I did not like, she took a disgusting interest in the 10 year old boy and I felt this was not at all appropriate for the film and bought no humour to the story at all. She was hard and loved herself and there was more than one occasion when I wished someone would smack her.

We had a good character in the role of Ivy, she was played by Jordana Spiro and for me she was the only normal character in the whole of the film. She seemed more down to Earth than the other characters and for me she was one of the best in the film in the way she stayed grounded and did not fall for any of the charms she was receiving from the salesmen. Other good actors in the film included, Ving Rhames, James Brolin, David Koechner and Tony Hale. They each bought slightly different roles to the film and a lot of fun.

The film is set in the present in America so no real effort was needed for the props, sets or costumes. The clothes were all very modern and sited the style of the film. We got a lot o shots over the car lot and for some reason it was how I always imagined they were in America and the way they went over the top with the flags and balloons for the sale was what I would expect for them. We had no real other setting for the film, with the exception of the strip joints which the men visited a lot. I would have liked a few more locations to give the film some diversity and depth to the characters. We did have a few special effects and they were what I would expect from this type of film, they were quite cheaply produced and at times they looked like a child had done them. We had so many badly added backdrops I lost count of them all and some of the stunts were not as sharp as they could have been. I did try and overlook these as the film is a comedy and I just wanted an easy watch but it was hard to do at times. The music was in keeping with the film and all modern and seemed to work well.

This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 89 minutes and I found this was quite long enough, the rate is a 15 and I totally agree with this as there is a lot of bad language and some nudity included. I have not seen a DVD for this film in the shops but it can be bought on Amazon. I managed to watch this for free on the movie channels on Sky so try to watch it there if you can.

I would love to give this film more than 3 stars as it was very funny but I did have a few issues, including the special effects, the storyline with the 10 year old boy and the constant use of swear words which were not always necessary. I would say this is a good easy to watch film if you have nothing else to watch but I would not advise paying to see it.


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