You'll Need to be Persuasive

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You’ll need to be persuasive

When a family member is depressed, you need to be persuasive, to help them.  Most people that are depressed aren’t
depressed all the time, just moments and triggers set it off.

First take away the comfort food, Christmas Candy, Potato chips and dip.  You don’t have to eat just to feel better.


Having break down, and crying spells are normal. Don’t say just stop crying. Listen to what they really have to say, and what is bothering them.  Be the ears for their pain.  It is deep rooted and has nothing to do with you.


Don’t let them sleep all day, but don’t yell at them to get up. Because gentle persuasion, like a cup of coffee, some pancakes, or the newspaper.  Also this will bring new light to the day.


Depression can be very painful at times.  The pain is similar to withdrawals at times.  And Deep Depression is hard to explain to others who has never had it as a part of their lives.


Learning to live with Depression is the key.  Most think if they are depressed and take medication; it is all going to be better.  Medication does help, only it isn’t a happiness pill.  Enables you, by taking the edge off your daily life routines.  Like getting up, going to work, taking a shower, eating breakfast. 


Depression can be turning you away from the world and your own happiness.  It takes courage to fight depression.  All most need are a few bright sparks and for a love one to be persuasive. 



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