The Robert Lee Miller Brand of Modern Glamour

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The marriage of contemporary textures and ancient cuts is the core of Robert Lee Miller jewellery. There seems to be a perfect, seamless balance of edginess and luxury in his designs. Most of the jewelleries in his collection take inspiration from nature and myth and the ungraspable mysteries surrounding these two.

RLM designs are often considered as glamorous since they definitely exude unmistakable glamour. The designer’s love for smooth texture is evident with the frequent use of highly polished metal such as gold and silver. The extreme mirror like finish is among the trademarks of Robert Miller jewellery.

Robert Miller designs are also a tribute to geometry. Circles and squares with smoothened edges are the usual features of RLM jewellery. In addition, smooth lines and curves are also commonly reflected in the majority of the designs.

Robert Lee Miller also takes inspiration from ancient jewellery designs. In fact, if Cleopatra managed to live forever, she’d be seen wearing most of the jewellery in the Robert Miller Collection.

Almost all of Robert Miller’s pieces are wearable. In fact, they make really good accessories. Although some of the designs are great enough for formal wear, the majority of the pieces are for casual to semi formal occasions. Robert Miller pieces are perfect accessories for even today’s trendiest of outfits.

The thing about RLM jewellery line is that many women would like to wear them. Most of the designs are larger than life and are really unique. In fact, they are also considered as art pieces. The use of glass, wood, plastic, clay, enamel, and nylon is a trend in art jewellery. These materials help provide drama and add depth to the character of the jewellery.

It would be great if all women have at least one Robert Miller jewellery. Although most of his pieces are trendy, it is sure that they will never be outdated. His Designs are a modern breakthrough and would make any normal outfit stand out. Young women will love wearing the chunkier pieces such as the ancient bangles and cocktail rings. While the more mature and sophisticated women will definitely fall in love with the lovely ancient inspired rings and highly polished bracelets. RLM jewellery will make really good gift as it is a grand addition to any woman’s closet.


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