Make-Up Essentials Unveiled

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You dabble with make-up on and off, experimenting with new brands and newer variants of similar products. But then, you’re not quite able to comprehend, what will work for you and what will not? Here are a few products that we believe, should be essential tagalongs in your handbag. Read on to see what made the cut.


            Although this does not exactly qualify for make-up, you must use a good moisturizer sparingly to make your make-up look smooth and even.

Translucent Powder:

            When your skin is young, chuck the foundation and use loose powder instead. Use your youthful skin to your advantage, don’t weigh it down with heavy make-up.

Eye Shadow:

            Remember to play up your eyes. Your eyes have to be captivating. There are endless ways to glam up your precious windows to the soul. Candy make-up is something you could try out. Experiment with candy colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, fuchsia, etc. But stay away from dark, heavy colors.


            If you might not have a steady hand with eyeliners, don’t worry. Give the eyeliner a miss and use mascara instead. For a day look, coat only your top lashes with mascara. For a night out, apply mascara on both top and bottom lashes. Avoid making it clumpy though.

Lip Balm:

            Sporting chapped lips is really not happening. Soft, moisturized lips are the first step towards a beautiful luscious lip. Always carry a good lip balm or a chap stick along.

Lip Gloss:

            Lipstick is one of the best make-up aids known to womankind. It makes you look your age without sitting heavily on the lips.


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