Tips on Making Inexpensive Invitations For a Budget Wedding

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While weddings remain dream events for most individuals, especially the girls, they have become overly expensive ventures. There are times that when a couple finds itself financially constrained to fund a big wedding. They thus settle for a low budget wedding that does not empty their bank accounts. Having a budget wedding does not mean that the wedding will not be enjoyable and memorable. On the contrary, budget weddings can sometimes be amazingly unique than the expensive variety. The idea is to organize the budget wedding creatively, innovatively and uniquely using the minimal resources available.

One way to cut expenses and still ensure the wedding memorable is by making inexpensive invitations. Conventional invitations require tons of money to design, print, package and mail to the invitees. Most of the monies spent in inviting the wedding guests can be salvaged and employed in other areas such as catering, venue hiring and even the wedding dress. As such, inexpensive invitations have become a savvy alternative investment for many couples today who want to get married on a tight budget. The following are a couple of budget-friendly tips to help you save on the wedding expenses while inviting your guests.

To begin with, it is highly advisable that you acquire your invitations directly from the manufacturers or designers without going through retailing intermediaries. Many bridal shops are today offering diverse wedding stationery such design, printing and packaging of inexpensive invitations. When the same are sold by bookshops and stationery retailers, they become more costly. The good thing about going directly to the designers is that they have large catalogues of samples that you select from, they are way cheaper and are willing to give huge discounts for large orders. Again, they can personalize your invitations to be more unique or less costly according to your preference. By avoiding middlemen retailers, you spare yourself of inflated prices, thus cutting the extra costs that could have been allocated to the wedding stationery budget.

Secondly, you should check on and compare online wedding specialists with the offline designers and printers. In most cases, online wedding specialists have lower rates and more, better and exotic designs that can match perfectly with any wedding style or theme you prefer. The online wedding stationery dealers present you with the greatest chance of securing inexpensive invitations for your budget wedding. More importantly, the online dealers mostly offer custom designs at very inexpensive rates such that you get a uniquely design at a friendly cost.

Thirdly, you can join a DIY Wedding stationery forum that offers convenient kits and instruction manuals for many wedding couples to make their own inexpensive invitations. The kits have quality envelopes, creative blank invitations and other matching package items like save-the-date cards and reply cards. You can thus design personalized wedding invitations with a home computer at a very low cost. Again, you can also decide to make the wedding invitations yourself, this being the ultimately most inexpensive option available.

Designing, printing and packaging your wedding invitations from scratch means that you save most of the costs and still gain a uniquely personalized product. You can use the basic word-processing software available like MS Word, PageMaker etc to create an invitation with attractive images, text, borders and even vintage fonts. Al you need is to buy some minimal supplies like printing paper and envelopes and you can use a standard office/home printer to get the invitations ready. This way, the wedding will still be unique despite having sent inexpensive invitations.


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