Why Should Girls Have All The Fun

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Taking girls to outing at weekend
Waiting at mall in a long queue carrying purchased items for a long time
Struggling a lot to find a parking lot
After just tying over her neck three knots (Tradition Marriage in India)
Listening to them patiently about their thoughts
After having a heavy dose of headache shots
If he reacts more he is overacting
If  he doesn’t react then he is carefree dumb
If he looks fat he is rejected for being plump
To please women he must go to gym
If he says something in a loud wise then he is ruthless
The biggest weapon to attack him over period of years
Is nothing but the drops of tears from the eyes of women
Has no choice to wear costume of his choice too
Since he has to justify for his small deed also

From My Friend…

If he asks question then it means he is doubting
If he doesn’t answer properly then he is cheating
If women speak with guys then they are chatting
If he speaks with girls then he is flirting
 Two things which makes him get out of pressure
IS either trying to be workaholic
Else getting excuse and finding time to be alcoholic
A women strives a lot by carrying the child for 10 months
But a father has to handle him for next 20 years carrying him in his shoulders
If his choice is not matching with his girl then the next statement is what a taste?
If he is  bold enough and justifies his choice then he becomes utter waste
They say a girl leaves her family and comes to the new place trusting men
But actually she leaves and comes here but it is men who compensates this by adjusting for her
So somehow girls retain their individuality by going their choice from the time of birth till death
But man has to adjust for her and losses his developed individuality over the period of years he developed while being alone
Trying to be a bodyguard for women after the foray into a great relationship marriage
Any problem in public place even the mistake is on his counterpart he will be blamed for harassment
Doesn’t have a separate seat in bus nor in train
Doesn’t have a separate train as gents special
Periods have changed from male dominated society to female dominated society
But man  has his own compromise to make .
Lets take this occasion to great all men who have played a serious parts in your life as a father,brother,uncle ,cousine.


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