Knowledge Acquistion Through Experience

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Life has bestowed upon us lots of roles and responsibilities .Do we handle them a sangfroid.There are lots of people around us. We got to learn a lot from them .We have misers, nemesis. Each of them bounded by unique characteristic traits. That person who gets to handle them is the one who knows to handle anything in this world.

The nature of any problem is that during its initial stage people are not able to trace out its occurence, Latter on as the complexity grows in then only they identify there is something which is happening around us. This manifestation of the problem is not based on prognosis in most of the case. It happens only when something striking Occurs which makes people to sit and notice. Once we identify something unusual is happening around then we involve our self in identifying what is the unusual stuff which is happening.

Once we dive into the process of the problems identification we get different ideas to trace out the problem, after so much of cognizance we make a move to the   next step of how to approach this problem. We don’t know a periodic methodology to solve this problem which makes it all the more challenging. Then we start analyzing the root cause for it and then start exploring different means to resolve it. Once we resolve it then we record it for future reference so that we can use it whenever we encounter it again.

Initially when the nature of problem is unique and it is been encountered for the first time we understand its complexity and we face a lots of challenges in resolving them which increases our thinking and analysis skills. Which makes us to understand and appreciate the technology and it also instigates a sense o confidence to handle another problem.

So this is what keeps us going. When we go on resolving more and more complicated issues then it makes us all the more competitive, This can be gained only through experience .Because Even if we don’t have experience we can learn only when we get such situations .There comes experienced hand who have already encountered this issue will be helping us through his suggetions.To explores that knowledge also we need time. So a person becomes all the more stuffed and competitive when he tries to break the comfort zone.

 So guys try not to stick to your comfort zones. Take up challenging intiatives.Dont ever give a second thought about whether you ll able to do it or not.Because at the end of the journey you would have explore something which you have not done before.Breaking the comfort zone doesnt mean that dont do what you like to do and what you are good at.

For eg. If one person working in well settled company and so that he decides to pursue Higher studies later 2 years of work, He’s probably trying to get out his comfort zone like he gotta decides to work harder with that eventhough he gets paid in existing Job.

Do whatever you like but in that process try to take more challenges voluntarily or involuntarily.Never ever hesitate to take challenging tasks.


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